dog training gosport hampshire
Bark2school Dog Training School
Gosport, Fareham & Hampshire
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dog training gosport hampshire dog training gosport hampshire
Puppy & Dog Training, Dog Agility classes, Pet Behaviour Solutions & Full Pet Services from Bark2School, Gosport, Hampshire.

Bark2School Dog Training Gosport Hampshire

dog training gosport hampshire

Bark2school is a professional, experienced, fully insured family run company which was established in Gosport in 2008. We offer and support puppy and dog owners throughout Gosport, Fareham and surrounding areas in Hampshire with puppy training classes, dog training and all kinds of pet advice.

Bark2school has grown from strength to strength with their behavioural consultations, puppy and dog training courses, and also with their ever expanding professional dog walking side of the company - with another new vehicle on the road.

Bark2school dog training and pet services has a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years.

Bark2school offer puppy socialisation courses, dog obedience courses, pet behaviour visits, 1 to 1 dog training, and helping and supporting owners to manage their puppy & dog's training whether that be through the dog training classes, or on a 1-1 basis.

Bark2school uses kindness, fairness, effective, positive reinforcement training - with great emphasise on using 'marker' words, clickers and positive reinforcement.

dog training gosport hampshire

Holly practising her 'focus' exercise.
Holly is Ros's own dog.

If you are interested in attending one of our training puppy and dog training courses, or need that extra support and help - we can offer 1 to 1 dog training classes for you and your dog OR initially just a friendly chat over the phone. We also offer home visits in Gosport, Fareham, Hampshire and surrounding areas for all dog and pet problems.

Latest News

dog training gosport hampshire

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Ros is now a proud member of the A.P.D.T. (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) MAPDT 01335.

dog training gosport hampshire

Agility Display for the Mayor of Gosport

Bark2school Agility Dog Club was asked to put on an agility display for the Mayor of Gosport, Lyn Hook, before she leaves office. We would like to say a big thank you to Councillor Lynn Hook for joining us for a fabulous day. Lynn had a front row seat - and reported that she thoroughly enjoyed watching all the dogs and their owners. Thank you Lyn, and thank you for all your hard work throughout the year for Gosport.

We also had a demonstration on Heel Work To Music which is coming soon to Bark2school.

See photos and read more by clicking here.

Bark2school training policy is that we will keep up to date on our positive, effective training techniques.
We will not use harmful damaging equipment, such as prong, choke and electric collars in helping train your dog.
We do not use methods such as alpha roll, lead jerks, kicks and other punishing methods.
In our opinion - the use of aversive methods or equipment on fearful and aggressive dogs is detrimental and dangerous.
The ideas about 'dominance' in our opinion are completely disconnected from the sciences of ethology and animal learning.

Our full range of pet services includes:

  • Educational Puppy Socialisation courses.
  • Obedience puppy and dog training for young puppies, junior and adult dogs.
  • Clicker training.
  • Pre-puppy courses and information
  • Puppy Home Start.
  • Behavioural Consultations (dogs, cats and small animals).
  • 1-1 Training.
  • Dog Agility classes - pre agility - beginners, novice & advanced (private lessons available).
  • Heel work to music classes - check out our video!
  • Saturday training workshops (please view our calendar for more details).
  • Full and comprehensive pet services, including our fully insured professional dog walking service.
  • Our Wedding Service & packages (have your dog at your wedding.)
  • Pet Sitting Service and taxi service for owners and local vets, groomers etc.
  • Workshops, Seminars and First Aid courses.
  • Professional and caring cat sitting service.

dog training gosport hampshire

Thinking About Having a New Puppy? Ask About Our Pre-Puppy Course!

A little bit about Ros

Ros, our main trainer, has worked and helped owners with a vast range of different animals from dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, to ponies and horses. Ros and her husband David owned a 10,000 free range chicken farm in West Sussex and were awarded during that time the Prestigious Freedom Food of Excellence award due to all the welfare changes that Ros & David introduced to the farm. Ros gained her British Horse Society Teacher Qualification and competed with her horses over many years at Dressage, Cross Country Events and show jumping.

Ros and David decided to move to France and lived happily there for many years. However, after 8 years Ros was getting itchy feet and didn't feel she had enough to occupy her so they decided to return to England - and set up Bark2school with their daughter Emma who is the Bark2school Animal Behaviourist, and in last year their son Danny has joined the company and now undertakes all the dog walking for Bark2school.

Ros has been successfully been running puppy socialisation and obedience courses now for over 8 years in Gosport - and prides herself on offering a friendly, supportive service to all her owners and their puppies, dogs and other pets. She is also the owner with David of Care4Cats a very successful cat sitting company with over 200 cats registered with her. She also offers 1-1 cat behavioural advice.

dog training gosport hampshire

Here is Ros with Poppy, Tonto, Peppa, Holly & Izzie.
(My thanks go to Poppy and Tonto's owners for allowing us to use the photograph).

dog training gosport hampshire

dog training gosport hampshire

Although Ros has been involved in dog training for many years - she continues to understand the needs to constantly expand and update her knowledge and education. She is a member of the A.P.D.T. (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) MAPDT 01335 - and is proud to be a member of such an organisation as the APDT and working within their Code of Practise. Ros is currently studying with Canine Principles (all courses are accredited by a qualified animal behaviourist). Bark2school places a strong emphasis on positive dog training and rehabilitation.

Ros is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), and works closely with most of the local vets. She is also a member of the Dr Ian Dunbar Academy - which provides her with the opportunity to have access to up to date videos, links, library, Seminars, Courses and valuable information to help owners and their puppies and dogs with their training. The Dunbar Academy Top Dogs all understand the importance of positive puppyhood training, responsible puppy breeding, and they embrace science-based, fun and games, dog-friendly training methods that are easy, effective and enjoyable.

In her spare time - which she admits there isn't much after all her training, working with her owners and caring and training her own little pug Holly - she volunteers at the RSPCA Centre in Stubbington.

Bark2school Training Methods

Bark2school, trainers and instructors work to a very strict code of conduct. Ros is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and adheres to the rules and aims of the PPG to practise and promote force-free dog training.

The training methods used by Bark2school are force-free, positive, motivational, reward base training methods. We believe that dogs learn by association; if something is 'pleasant', ie. something pleasant happens as a result of their action or behaviour, then the dog will continue to repeat the action and receive more positive results. We can demonstrate and develop your dog's training by practising using reinforcements, to train your dog to work with you and learn good behaviours. We need to teach you the owner to find out what it is your dog finds rewarding and work with you and your dog with that specific reinforcer: it could be a ball, a rope or even a piece of food. We teach the owner how to encourage their dogs with verbal cues and encouragement. We help you understand the differences between negative punishment, and positive reinforcements both of which may be used as part of your training, but each part will be explained, demonstrated, and help to educate your puppy/dog.

Bark2school do not base their training on using the 'dominance theory' or talk about our owners becoming "pack-leaders", as we believe these methods are outdated and not conducive to your dog learning. We would not advise or use the use of any aversive or punishing techniques that could mentally or physically be seen to abuse dogs. We do not use choke chains, prong collars, spray collars, lead jerks, shouting at your dog commands.

We have your dog's best interest at heart. We would like all of our owners to enjoy their training at Bark2school
and we want us all,together, to build a bond and good relationship between us and our dogs.

dog training gosport hampshire

Owners' Testimonials - What People Say About Their Experiences with Bark2School

Ros, I am so glad I went with Bark2school school I really am. It's been such a pleasure and I can really enjoy pudding being a confident owner. The Gas man came to check my boiler today. I asked Pudding to sit and wait... no barking he sat and watched. Even walking Pudding is so relaxing and I have you to thank for it. I have always owned dogs but Pudding is the first one I sought training with and it's such a different experience. I would encourage anyone to get advice from a professional trainer (you!) even if they have owned dogs all their life. I can't thank you enough! I'm off to check my lottery ticket if I've won we can set up a big training centre xx
[ Helen Perryman ]

"I cannot thank Ros, Sue, Danny and Diane enough for all their support and encouragement with our cavapoo puppy, Ludo. When I took Ludo to his first puppy socialisation class, he was so shy and lacking in confidence that he spent most of the time hiding under a chair. By the end of the five weeks with the expertise from the Bark2School Team, Ludo had become a confident, happy puppy who loved class and was eager to take centre stage.

Ludo also completed the junior obedience classes and once again the Bark2School Team have been amazing. The support not only in class but also in between classes is superb. As a consequence Ludo has grown to be a well mannered happy puppy and I have learnt invaluable lessons on how to be a responsible owner. Ludo and I shall greatly miss the weekly class but look forward to developing the skills that Ros and her team have taught us over the last few months.
Thank you Bark2School!
[ Pascale and Ludo.x - Sept 2017 ]

Dear Ros, David, Danny and Donna,
I wanted to thank you all for the help and encouragement that you gave to me and Charlie over the course of both the Puppy Socialisation and Basic Obedience classes with Bark2school. As a new dog owner (though having wanted one for 30+ years!!) you gave me the skills and confidence to progress with Charlie from tiny Labrador pup to the 25kg 5 month old ball of energy he is now! When Charlie meets people we're often met with comments about how well behaved he is for a puppy and that's down in no small part to the work you all put in with us - thank you!

Due to us both having busy jobs your dog walking service is a real godsend and it reassuring to know that Charlie is in good hands when I'm at work. He certainly enjoys it and from the way he greats Danny and David when they come to pick him up for walks I think it's fair to say that he looks forward to it too!!

Thanks again,
[ Steve & Charlie - November 2016 ]

Dear Ros
Just letting you know how pleased we were in choosing your puppy training school. Many thanks for helping us to train Isla. Derek and I are enjoying having Isla and look forward to many happy days with her.

Again many thanks and kind regards
[ Derek and Irene X - Oct 2016 ]

Having completed the puppy socialisation class, the obedience class was an obvious choice for us. Lomond is mostly off the lead at just 6 months old, something I never imagined this early, and to be honest, I had no idea how to even establish that. I am in no doubt that without Ros, her team and the classes we wouldn't have the family dog we have now. Our training won't stop here and we are hoping to pick up some of the other classes, such as agility. It does take dedication away from class, it is really worth it. Thanks again Ros for all your support.
[ Vickie, Jamie & Lomond - August 2016 ]

Where to start. (May 2016) Firstly Ros who is the lady which was my first port of contact was very helpful understanding and non judgemental (I was at the end of my tether). Not only did she offer help over the phone but that help made it possible to keep my beautiful gsd. Through Ros we made an appointment to have Emma the trainer over and not only was I surprised but the price (in a good way) but also the professionalism of the whole booking process it was clear from the start and both trainers were more interested in helping than how much money they could prize from the customer. Appointment day arrived and we had two full hours we talked and practiced some techniques plus also learned to manage out own expectations. The report we got a couple of days later was full and comprehensive. In all a very good place to entrust your dogs future too with people who are real and not judgemental. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending bark2school to any one who needs help with their dog.

Thank you Bark2school.
[ Richard Martin, Southampton - May 2016 ]

The course was really helpful to our family even though I have had dogs all my life I've never used formal group training like this before. One of the important things I have learned is that dogs don't speak English so long instructions are useless. Tones and sounds are much more important than words; be consistent don't cave in when it seems too hard. The most important lesson that Ros taught me which has been most valuable... Ignore behaviours (within reason) you don't want; reward behaviours you do. I keep that in mind all the time and I mean all the time.

My dogs have been good well behaved dogs, but that was perhaps more luck than good training, This training has been so helpful and I recommend Ros to anyone with a puppy, even if they believe they are experienced with animals, who wants to develop good habits and a contented, well socialised dog.
[ Lorraine and Steve A... Lee on The Solent - March 2016 ]

dog training gosport hampshire
dog training gosport hampshire
dog training gosport hampshire
dog training gosport hampshire

dog training gosport hampshire

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dog training gosport hampshire